Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Will be the Final Draw?

Throughout Sean Avery's hockey career he has always had a nack for getting on peoples nerves and because of this he has become known as the "tough guy" throughout the national hockey league. Avery is not only a tough guy, he is also able to put the puck in the net, having 22 points so far this year. There is no question to whether or not Sean Avery is a good hockey player, the question that is asked quite regularly as of lately, is if he should be allowed to play in the NHL. Avery, who plays for the New York Rangers is in the 2009 playoffs against the Washington Capitals where the series is tied at 3-3.

Avery's tough guy attitude has caused some serious problems in this series and has threatened there games, to whether they win or not. In the video above Avery took two unreasonable penalties that had the intent to hurt the other player from the Capitals. He had no reason to go out there and take those penalties because, first of all, they were ahead and second of all, it could of cost the Rangers the game. Avery is not a team player, he sits on the end of the bench not talking to any of his team mates, takes stupid penalties that could cost them the series, and excuse my language, but is just a real ass hole. As you can see his coach is furious with Avery's actions during that playoff game and in my opinion Avery should not be able to play the rest of the series to learn a lesson before his actions get out of hand and seriously harm one of his opponents or even cause them to be eliminated from the playoffs. This kind of person is what drags a team down and my opinion will cause the Rangers to not be able to win the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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