Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Will be the Final Draw?

Throughout Sean Avery's hockey career he has always had a nack for getting on peoples nerves and because of this he has become known as the "tough guy" throughout the national hockey league. Avery is not only a tough guy, he is also able to put the puck in the net, having 22 points so far this year. There is no question to whether or not Sean Avery is a good hockey player, the question that is asked quite regularly as of lately, is if he should be allowed to play in the NHL. Avery, who plays for the New York Rangers is in the 2009 playoffs against the Washington Capitals where the series is tied at 3-3.

Avery's tough guy attitude has caused some serious problems in this series and has threatened there games, to whether they win or not. In the video above Avery took two unreasonable penalties that had the intent to hurt the other player from the Capitals. He had no reason to go out there and take those penalties because, first of all, they were ahead and second of all, it could of cost the Rangers the game. Avery is not a team player, he sits on the end of the bench not talking to any of his team mates, takes stupid penalties that could cost them the series, and excuse my language, but is just a real ass hole. As you can see his coach is furious with Avery's actions during that playoff game and in my opinion Avery should not be able to play the rest of the series to learn a lesson before his actions get out of hand and seriously harm one of his opponents or even cause them to be eliminated from the playoffs. This kind of person is what drags a team down and my opinion will cause the Rangers to not be able to win the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Time Winningest Goaltender

 In proffesional hockey there are many skilled atheltes that make it to the NHL, but do not have the ability to take their skill to the next level.  This game has a lot of aspects to it, but what it all comes down to is hard work, skill, and the heart you have for the game.  Bringing all of these aspects to the team puts you at the peak of your level.  Martin Brodeur brings so much to his team and because of this he has never been traded, and has played all 15 of his years with the New Jersey Devils.  Martin displays so much leadership and commitment to his club, which has allowed him to become the best that he can be; winning the Stanley Cup three times.  In the video above it shows Martin winning his 552 game, making him the all time winningest goalie in the NHL.  As you can see, his teammates, fans, and opponents respect him by giving him a pat on the back and cheering him on.  Martin did not achieve this over night, it took him hard work and dedication to achieve everything that he as today.  He has became an inspiration for all aspiring hockey players, fans, and all his team mates and opponents.  He brings true class and passion to the game, and has not got caught up in the stardom that the game poses on you.  Martin knows that if you put your mind to it you are able to achieve anything no matter what.  His fellow players in the league should learn something from him and figure out that its not all about the money, but the love for the game. Martin is always a goaltender that I have great respect for and am proud to say that he is Canadian.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

What Professional Sport has Come to

Professional sports have been around for quite sometime, and it gives the public something to be entertained by.  Each player on these sport teams, is a part of a team, whether or not it is professional or just a recreational team.  So, the question has to be asked about whether these professional athletes should be allowed to do whatever they want  just because they have made it the highest level of their sport.  In this article, David Beckham, did not want his career to stall in England, so he joined the Milan soccer team, one of the most strongest in Europe.  While joining the new team in Milan, he still belonged to the Galaxy soccer team in L.A.  What he is doing now is playing in Milan when the season with the Galaxy is over, and when the new Galaxy season starts he will play there again.  David had a commitment to the Galaxy team first and is now able to play on two teams because he is so good at what he does; he makes the decisions.  This is unethical because if David gets hurt while playing in Milan and is unable to perform for the Galaxy, this will let his team mates down and all of the fans that come out to watch him.  If you have prior commitments to a team that should be the only team you are able to be a part of no matter who you are or how good you are.  These athletes should only want to be a part of one team because being on a high level team like that allows for your team to be like a family. Professional athletes all around the world need to remember what the true meaning of being a part of a team is all about. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should fighting remain in hockey?

Hockey fights have been a part of hockey since the beginning of time and will always be apart of it. Fighting is a major component to hockey and is a key for any team to help motivate their team and get them pumped up. Since the recent death of Don Sanderson there has been a lot of question to whether or not fighting should remain a part of hockey. Accidents are inevitable in the game of hockey and you can not stop doing things just because an accident occurred, but you can make precautionary measures to try and eliminate accidents like this from happening. In the video above the NHL players are allowed to keep fighting until they have reached the ground where the officials finally step in to break the fight up. There is a danger to the players when hitting the ice because they are not wearing their helmets. Not having a helmet on is very unsafe because it allows for the possibility of concussions, serious head injury's, and even death. So, a solution to this serious problem can be to allow the fight to still happen, but once helmets come off the officials must step in and break up the fight. Therefore, in the video above the fight should not of been allowed to continue because the helmets came off at the beginning of the fight and posed and risk to both of those players. Having this rule put into effect would be a great advantage to the game of hockey because it allows for a key element to remain in hockey, but giving it some restrictions to make it safer and overall better for the game.