Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should fighting remain in hockey?

Hockey fights have been a part of hockey since the beginning of time and will always be apart of it. Fighting is a major component to hockey and is a key for any team to help motivate their team and get them pumped up. Since the recent death of Don Sanderson there has been a lot of question to whether or not fighting should remain a part of hockey. Accidents are inevitable in the game of hockey and you can not stop doing things just because an accident occurred, but you can make precautionary measures to try and eliminate accidents like this from happening. In the video above the NHL players are allowed to keep fighting until they have reached the ground where the officials finally step in to break the fight up. There is a danger to the players when hitting the ice because they are not wearing their helmets. Not having a helmet on is very unsafe because it allows for the possibility of concussions, serious head injury's, and even death. So, a solution to this serious problem can be to allow the fight to still happen, but once helmets come off the officials must step in and break up the fight. Therefore, in the video above the fight should not of been allowed to continue because the helmets came off at the beginning of the fight and posed and risk to both of those players. Having this rule put into effect would be a great advantage to the game of hockey because it allows for a key element to remain in hockey, but giving it some restrictions to make it safer and overall better for the game.

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Lance said...

This post is very good you could maybe take into consideration that they should maybe wear cages so that fighting would happen less because they would not be able to hit them in the face.